Your Friday Briefing

Good morning. We’re covering a big test for President Biden’s agenda, the E.U.’s newest pandemic challenge and Lithuania’s spitting contest with China. Biden’s agenda on the line President Biden signed a short-term spending bill to fund the U.S. government until early December and avoid an imminent shutdown. The extension gave

Opinion | Why Are Fast Food Workers Signing Noncompete Agreements?

Heidi Shierholz is not a fan of noncompete agreements, which many employers require new hires to sign. The contracts prohibit employees who quit from taking a job at a competitor for a period ranging from months to years. Often the stated justification is to protect a company’s business strategies from

Ripples from the Evergrande crisis

It is now widely accepted that the crisis that has engulfed Evergrande, which is weighed down by more than US$300 billion (S$406 billion) in debt, will spread beyond the Chinese property developer itself. But the question is: how far? Will it be contained as a domestic real-estate crisis or will

Your Wednesday Briefing

We’re covering Gen. Mark Milley’s testimony and Japan’s unpredictable party leadership race. Top U.S. general faces tough questions in Congress Gen. Mark Milley, the most senior U.S. military commander, defended his actions in the final months of the Trump administration and warned of the “very real possibility” that Al Qaeda

Temasek-backed Vertex expects at least $400 million in new S.E.Asia/India fund

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Venture capital firm Vertex Ventures, which is backed by Singapore state investor Temasek, expects to raise at least $400 million next year for a new fund focusing on Southeast Asia and India, a senior executive said.FILE PHOTO: A Temasek logo is seen at the annual Temasek Review

A season of rage for many South Korean women

Chuseok, which falls on Tuesday this year, is a major traditional festival celebrated by multi-generational families gathering all over South Korea. Yet a recent poll showed that only 19 per cent of respondents had plans to visit their home towns or travel during an extended five-day break starting yesterday, partly

Your Monday Briefing

A post-Brexit Britain’s moment on the global stage A maritime security alliance between Britain, the U.S. and Australia has caused anger and recrimination across three continents, bringing relations between France and the U.S. to their lowest point in decades. Britain has emerged as the unlikely winner of the agreement. Since

Opinion | When Professors Have Affairs With Students

More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “Sex Is the Enemy of Good Teaching,” by Amia Srinivasan (Opinion guest essay, Sunday Review, Sept. 5): Based on my experience as a college professor for 20 years, I believe that Ms. Srinivasan’s depiction of professor-student sexual interactions — typically, a male

Your Friday Briefing

A U.S.-Australia submarine deal angers France President Biden’s announcement that the U.S. and Britain would help Australia deploy nuclear-powered submarines in the South China Sea has infuriated France, foreshadowing how conflicting American and European responses to confrontations with China may redraw the global strategic map. The deal was meant to

Opinion | The U.S. Needs to Stop the Confusion Over Boosters

By Aaron E. Carroll Dr. Carroll, a pediatrician, is the chief health officer for Indiana University and a writer who focuses on public health research and policy. Last year, many Americans (including me) despaired when the Trump administration’s policy around Covid vaccines veered away from science and the advice of