The Effects of Climate Change

Climate change has plunged the Western U.S. into its worst drought in two decades. And a record-breaking heat wave only made things worse. In Arizona and Nevada, it’s been so hot that doctors warned people they could get third-degree burns from the asphalt. Wildfires raged in Montana and Utah. Power

Opinion | Eric Adams Is Awful. I’m Putting Him on My Ballot.

By Michelle Goldberg Opinion Columnist A primary aim of American progressive politics is assembling multiracial working-class coalitions. One candidate in New York City’s Democratic mayoral primary appears to be doing that. He is, unfortunately for the left, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, an ex-cop and former Republican who defends the

Opinion | Lessons From the Biden-Putin Summit

More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “Presidents Joust Even as They Seek to Ease Relations” (front page, June 17): The summit meeting on Wednesday between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden shows clearly that Mr. Putin is in command. The reason: He is a man of lawless action who

Kids, Covid and Delta

For most American adults, the Covid-19 situation is now straightforward. Vaccine shots are widely available, and once you’ve had one, Covid no longer needs to dominate your life. You are unlikely to contract any form of the virus and are virtually guaranteed not to suffer serious symptoms. You can socialize

Opinion | Ted Cruz, I’m Sorry

By Frank Bruni Opinion Columnist This is the last of Frank Bruni’s regular Opinion columns, but his popular weekly newsletter will live on. To keep up with his political analysis, cultural commentary and personal reflections, sign up here. I owe Ted Cruz an apology. Though, really, it’s readers to whom

Opinion | The Tax Pirates Are Us

The decline of corporate taxation in recent decades is generally blamed on pirate states like Luxembourg, Ireland and Bermuda, which offer an alluring combination of very low tax rates and an unembarrassed enthusiasm for allowing companies to play make-believe. But the pirates have a silent partner: the United States. Generations

Opinion | Senator Joe Manchin Has a Point

By Christopher Caldwell Mr. Caldwell is a contributing opinion writer and the author of “The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties” and “Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West.” With an opinion piece in The Charleston Gazette-Mail on Sunday, Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat of West

Opinion | U.F.O.s and the Search for Alien Life

More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “The Truth May Yet Be Out There,” by Adam Frank (Opinion guest essay, June 2): As a nonscientist, I hesitate to quibble with a professor of astrophysics about the criteria for acknowledgment of extraterrestrial life. However, Dr. Frank addresses the matter as