Italy's Cerved in advanced talks to clinch debt collection arm deal: sources

MILAN (Reuters) – Italian credit group Cerved is in advanced talks with U.S. investment firm Centerbridge to clinch the long-awaited sale of its debt collection arm which is valued at about 400 million euros ($476.68 million), two sources told Reuters.FILE PHOTO: The new 100 euro banknote is seen in the

Hippo to go public in $5 billion merger with Mark Pincus, Reid Hoffman-backed SPAC

Slideshow ( 2 images )(Reuters) – Hippo Enterprises said it will go public through a merger with a blank-check firm, backed by Silicon Valley heavyweights Reid Hoffman and Mark Pincus, in a deal that gives the merged entity a pro forma enterprise value of $5 billion. Founded in 2015, Palo

Opinion | How to Fix Housing for Everyone Except Corporate Speculators

What happens when 10 million tenants can’t make rent? Dire conditions for vulnerable tenants also mean financial distress for landlords. Things have been particularly difficult for “mom and pop” landlords, particularly those who operate in the affordable market. In an October survey of smaller landlords, 30 percent reported increased pressure

Opinion | Power, Politics and Sexual Misconduct

To the Editor: Re “As Scandals Sap His Political Strength, Cuomo Resists Calls to Resign” (news article, March 3): Now 79 years old, I experienced my share of minor sexual harassment through the years. When I was young, I had to tolerate it or suffer significant consequences and more “teasing.”

To get digital transformation right, focus not on tech but on culture

During a recent conversation with a friend who is thinking of taking up a digital transformation role in a big local organisation, I heard myself say: “Transformation is not about technology, it’s about culture.” That’s what I’ve thought for a while but never said out loud. Please subscribe or log

Opinion | Bosses Shouldn’t Demand That You Be Vaccinated

Since banishing the coronavirus from workplaces will be a key to opening the economy — and keeping it open — some companies are considering whether to require their workers to be vaccinated. The chief executive of United Airlines has said he favors making the shots mandatory, and several cruise lines

Opinion | Operation Car Wash Was No Magic Bullet

Brazil is experiencing several crises at the same time — the catastrophic health situation, the fragile economy and extreme political polarization. We can now add corruption of the judicial system to the list. It didn’t have to be like this. Brazilians had high hopes seven years ago, when a young

Opinion | How to Get Really Rich!

I know money can’t buy you love, but wouldn’t it be nice to have enough money to buy whatever else you want? I’m here to help you to help you! The most likely way to become rich is to try to get into a line of work that’s hard to

Opinion | We Still Have to Worry About the Supreme Court and Elections

When the Supreme Court on Monday rejected Pennsylvania Republicans’ after-the-fact effort to invalidate late-arriving mailed ballots, it was tempting to suppose that the country’s courthouse doors had finally closed on this most litigated of presidential elections. If only it were that simple. True, in denying the Republicans’ petitions, the court

Opinion | Should We Put the Filibuster Out of Its Misery?

Depends on which people you talk to. Ezra Klein and Jessica Anderson join Jane Coaston to debate the Senate’s revered and reviled tactic. By Jane Coaston The first episode of “The Argument” with Jane Coaston as host gets right into the heart of an infuriatingly cyclical debate: Should the filibuster