Burger King's tweet banned by the UK for encouraging 'anti-social behaviour'

Twitter has seen no shortage of politically-charged tweets especially since President Donald Trump has taken office.

Whether it’s politicians voicing their opinions on issues, users arguing with each other over policy and social issues or big names or companies tweeting out statements that are questionable or controversial, Twitter has become an arena for all to stir up hard-hitting conversation.

Burger King is the latest big brand to take the heat on Twitter after the ASA (the Advertising Standards Authority) in the UK banned a May 2018 tweet from the fast food chain for being ‘irresponsible.’

The reasoning behind it?

The tweet allegedly incited reckless behavior in the form of encouraging people to throw milkshakes at politicians.

Yes, you read that correctly — Here’s the full scoop (pun-intended!)

Credit: Twitter

Back in May 2019, it became a 'thing' to hurl milkshakes at politicians in the UK during the height of Brexit discussions — Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and activist Tommy Robinson infamously fell victim to these said 'milkshaking' attacks.

Police had encouraged (and succeeded) in having a McDonald's location in Edinburgh, Scottland ban the sale of milkshakes in an attempt to stop potential customers from buying milkshakes and hurling them at Farage who was in Edinburgh for a rally.

In true rival fashion, Burger King tongue-in-cheek subtweeted McDonald's in the since-deleted post above.

"We're selling milkshakes all weekend," the tweet read. "Have fun."

Over a year later, the ASA has ruled that the tweet was to be banned (Burger King UK had preemptively deleted the tweet) on the grounds that it "condoned the previous anti-social behaviour and encouraged further instances."

Our hearts go out to all of the milkshaking victims involved in this difficult, sticky time.

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